Jess Lane: Kitchen Assistant (Events)

Until she came to Vaughan's Kitchen on Work Experience through the Prince's Trust, Jess hadn't really found her forte. She'd tried a couple of jobs in retail but it wasn't for her.  Here she has found that she can make a real contribution to the business and is now the longest-serving member of staff.

Every Monday she comes in to a huge pile of washing up from the events at the weekend and, whilst that isn't a job she looks forward to, in her words "Someone has to do it - so I just get on with it." What she likes about her role is that it is very varied.. As well as the washing up and cleaning tasks, she often helps with food preparation and is an expert at hand rolling the famous Vaughan's falafels that many people rave about. She also takes turn in the cookery school as Kitchen Assistant for classes - still plenty of washing up but less of it and no huge pans.

She also finds the team very supportive and lots of fun, so it makes the horrible jobs just a bit easier to deal with.

Going out with friends and spending time with her family is how she likes to spend her spare time. Living in a small village there are plenty of lovely walks to take her two dogs for a good 'run around'. As an avid reader, she is a regular visitor to Devizes Library.

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