Our Ethos

Naturally Balanced

"Naturally Balanced is our fundamental philosophy. Whether it's catering for a special event or a Cookery School Masterclass, our passion for using good ingredients in the right balance is paramount." Peter Vaughan, Executive Chef/Director

Our Food

We aim to source the best ingredients from a team of passionate suppliers who are like minded when it comes to providing great produce. However, this is just a part of our ethos  We always use top quality ingredients and make sure there is the right balance in terms of flavour, texture and nutrition to create delicious dishes.

Wiltshire is a fertile agricultural county and we delight in preparing and cooking vegetables, grown in the here. Sweet bunched carrots, different varieties of kale and chard, tasty Marfona potatoes & the most amazing herbs, to name but a few.

Any animal products we use are locally sourced, as far as is possible, and from producers who use regenerative farming methods that ensure sustainability. We are lucky to have a lot of Heritage breeds in Wiltshire and they are the best in terms of taste, ethical sourcing and diversity.

Buying local bringing benefits to small businesses and the community in which we operate.

Home grown vegetables

 Good for You & Good for the Environment

Our healthy and tasty philosophy goes further than the ingredients and we aim to  show a healthy respect for our environment through other aspects of the business.

Zero Food Waste to Landfill

The catering and hospitality sector is notorious for producing huge amounts of waste that go into landfill and create harmful 'greenhouse gases'.. These are the measures we have out in place to minimise our negative impact:

  • all food waste is collected and sent to an anaerobic digestor and converted into renewable energy
  • packaging, coffee cups, bamboo plates etc are biodegradable and can go with the food waste to be converted into energy.

Reducing Waste

  • Local produce equals less packaging and fewer food miles
  • Recycling bins for glass, paper (including napkins), cardboard, metal etc
  • Eliminating single use plastic
  • Reusing plastic, glass and metal containers etc

Water Treatment

  • Removes chemicals and heavy metals
  • Minimizes use of cleaning products with high chemical content
  • Reduces lime scale build up saving energy and extending life of appliances
  • Provides excellent tasting tap water for customers
Water glasses, water bottles and plates laid up on a rustic table

A Cookery experience that's 'hands-on' and fun!

Our cookery school attracts customers from all over Wiltshire and beyond. With a comprehensive range of courses at reasonable prices, small groups to facilitate individual attention, experienced and well-qualified staff.

Older and younger women wearing aprons cooking with the chef at the cookery school