Corporate Team Building & Away Days

Corporate team enjoying the meal they cooked

We all need to eat - and most of us really enjoy tasty food so here's common ground to bring a team together through a shared experience. A Vaughan's Kitchen Culinary Challenge ensures that your team will go away motivated and inspired by our hands-on practical tasks - the results of which you get to eat at the end!

"The buzz around the room showed that the team certainly rose to the challenge and feedback during the afternoon and this morning is that everyone really enjoyed the day. It was certainly something different to any team event and team build we have done in the past and we will highly recommend you to our colleagues around the office back here at Nationwide".

Benefits of cooking as a team building activity

  • The process of preparing a meal together requires organisation and team effort.
  • There are tasks for everyone, from the Gordon Ramsey wannabes to those who only know their way around a toaster and a kettle.
  • It boosts morale and confidence to see that a beautiful meal can be prepared within a short space of time.
  • A bit of competition between teams makes it more fun.
  • Unlike other team building activities, this one has edible outcomes!
  • Sit down to share the fruits of your labour at the end.

Maximum numbers on-site in Vaughan's Cookery School: 15

Larger groups off-site - maximum number: 48. We have a number of locations to choose from in the area or we can come to you.

Half-day or full-day options available - timings and dates to suit you (depending on availability)

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