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Led by Catherine Maxwell FRSPH

Our professional courses are all validated by Royal Society for Public Health and lead to a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification. They are suitable for anyone working with food, whether paid or as a volunteer. Also helpful for those planning to make a career change to either work in the hospitality & catering industry, or to run their own food business, however small or low-key.

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Courses available:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene: anyone who handles food within their work environment whether they are paid staff or volunteers.
  • Food Allergens Awareness: anyone involved in preparing or serving food to other people
  • Nutrition for Health: anyone who has an interest in how food affects our bodies and wellbeing. It might be job-related or someone who wants to extend their knowledge for the benefit of their own or their family's health

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See what our students say

"Because it's a family environment it's definitely a nice environment to come to and makes you feel more confident." Wayne

“The course opened up a whole new learning experience around food which was thoroughly enjoyable, constructive and practical. It fired my imagination to the point I’ve wanted to continue this journey by getting more practical experience under my belt. I’m loving the process and at the moment considering whether at some point in the future food could become more than a hobby - not something I had considered prior to walking into Vaughan’s Cookery School. Potentially life changing. Joy”

“The ... course is a brilliant foundation for any aspiring chef, whether a complete beginner or a keen amateur and, whilst I consider myself a reasonable cook, by returning to basics and learning the key elements of cookery, my skills and confidence have improved immensely.”

“Never stop trying to better yourself professionally. Getting a professional cookery qualification from CTH has really made me the person I am today.” Lesia

“My choice of Vaughan’s Cookery School was a total no-brainer – perfectly located for me in Devizes, Wiltshire and considerably cheaper than the other schools offer the Professional Kitchen Essentials course.

I adored the course from start to finish, from breadmaking to beurre blanc, knife skills to noodles.  But for me the best bit was that it honed my palate, breathed fresh life into my love of cooking and taught me to really learn the basics well, and the rest will follow.

The ... course gave me a new lease of life and I really can’t recommend this course highly enough for anyone looking be a ski chalet cook, start a food truck or any of a vast number of opportunities open to you. The lovely Vaughan’s family, who run the school, have a passion for the amazing local produce of Wiltshire and a naturally balanced way of cooking.” Emma